31 December 2010


perfect a tasty & tart sangria recipe like this one--perfect for a holiday (or new years!) party.

30 December 2010


find what truly makes me happy and fulfilled, then devote my life to it.

29 December 2010

get married in my glasses.

marry the Love of my life in my glasses.

28 December 2010

le creuset.

own a full set of le creuset cookware in caribbean blue--the perfect bright little accent in an all-white kitchen.

27 December 2010


visit Italy to do nothing but explore, eat everything I want, and speak to sweet shop owners.

25 December 2010

Merry Christmas.

We wish you all a very happy holiday!
with so much love from us.

24 December 2010

ice cream sunday.

host weekly Ice Cream "Sunday" parties for my closest friends.

23 December 2010


make my hot chocolate from scratch and stop buying Swiss Miss.

22 December 2010

Christmas Parties.

host wonderfully merry Christmas parties.

21 December 2010


carry around the brightest of balloons when i'm having a tough day--just because.

20 December 2010


 climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

18 December 2010


have a space in my home dedicated entirely to wrapping gifts.

17 December 2010

desk nook.

have a cozy little desk nook with lots of books, lots of white, and lots and lots of light.

16 December 2010

mixing bowls.

have a kitchen full of lovely vintage mixing bowls.

15 December 2010


cover the walls of my house in rad maps.

14 December 2010

ice skates.

have my very own pair of ice skates--stuffed with roses, of course--that i'll drape oh-so-casually over my white picket fence. (kidding... sort of.)

11 December 2010


watch elf every year with my kids & impress/embarrass them by knowing every single line.

10 December 2010


- have a cozy little fireplace even half as cute as this one.

09 December 2010


 display my vintage camera collection in a way as cute as this.

08 December 2010


park my bicycle (the one i will ride everywhere) right inside my apartment.

07 December 2010

teal trailer.

take a tiny teal trailer out in the woods to camp and write and just be.

06 December 2010


travel to Italy and Greece to visit the sites I learned all about in my Latin and Ancient Greek classes.

04 December 2010

the royal wedding.

tell my children about the day I woke up especially early to witness The Wedding of the Century.
(possibly in 3D!)

03 December 2010


teach my kids to play the piano so that we can play lovely little duets together. 

02 December 2010

star wars.

dress my kids in amazing Star Wars costumes for Halloween.

01 December 2010

grilled cheese.

learn to make a flawless, amazingly delicious, grilled cheese sandwich.

30 November 2010


be oh-so-festive and hang ornaments on the trees in my front yard.

27 November 2010


stroll about the wintery streets of Scotland. (in less than one month!)

25 November 2010


cook a Thanksgiving turkey that turns out perfectly. (Hopefully that day is today!)

24 November 2010


take peaceful autumn walks with my bundled babe held close.

23 November 2010


go back to amsterdam--during the holiday season, when the city looks like a snow globe.
- ben

22 November 2010


create adorable handmade throw pillows for my home.

19 November 2010

solo trip.

take a solo trip to another city--boston? charleston? somewhere in alaska?... maybe even all three.

17 November 2010


wear super fashionable + colorful + corky outfits everyday.

16 November 2010


have a sun-filled, all-white kitchen with all-white furniture and all-white dishes so that the little splashes of color just pop.

15 November 2010


 spend a night in a castle.

12 November 2010


draw the most epic of hopscotch courses for my kids... and, of course, hop through it myself.

11 November 2010


go to the Grand Ole Opry.

10 November 2010

09 November 2010


kiss him in the middle of the street and kick up my ankle... just because.

08 November 2010

messy hair.

master the balance of cute/messy hair.

06 November 2010


be the small girl in the big city.

05 November 2010


learn how to knit--if only because a big basket of yarn would look so lovely and colorful beside my desk.