31 October 2010

30 October 2010


make couple-costumes every Halloween for me & my Love.

28 October 2010

because today we love tswift.

listen here.

Someday I'll be living in a big ol' city
And all you're ever going to be is mean.

p.s. keep your chin up, Loves. she's totally right.

27 October 2010


read German storybooks to my babes (in German).

26 October 2010


leave a lovely, special, just-because sort of note for somebody else to find in middle of a library book.

25 October 2010


go all out decorating for Halloween.

23 October 2010

sleeping schedule.

have a healthy sleeping schedule.  one where i sleep at night instead of studying & feel full of energy during the day.

22 October 2010


take a train across the country--from chicago to san francisco.

21 October 2010


be one of those tourists who takes a photo in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, pretending to hold it up.

20 October 2010

wedding reception.

have a stellar wedding reception where we will dance the night away.

19 October 2010

sweet treats.

be the sort of mom who brings her kids and her husband and her hairdresser and her doctor and her dentist sweet treats, just because. or, in other words, be just like my mom.

18 October 2010


donate hair to Locks of Love.

16 October 2010


meet michelle & Laura in person for an epic time.

15 October 2010

gatsby & holden.

have two gorgeous golden retrievers and name them gatsby and holden after my favorite literary characters.

14 October 2010


be a really confident baker.

13 October 2010


have an office as perfectly wonderful as this one. (complete with bring-to-work poodle.)

12 October 2010

tea parties.

own a lovely little tea set & host lovely little tea parties with my daughter(s). 

11 October 2010


have a haircut just like this.

09 October 2010


knit big, chunky, colorful scarves for all of my friends' holiday presents.

08 October 2010


finish the final sentence of my novel while staring out at the streets of Paris.

07 October 2010


let my children dress up as superheroes whenever and wherever they want to fully enjoy their childhood.

06 October 2010


fill the walls of my house with my babes' sweet artwork.

05 October 2010


own a gorgeous vintage typewriter that will sit in a tiny nook of my office, a cozy little corner where i'll type stories and novels and long letters to the people i love.

04 October 2010


marry my love in our very own backyard.

02 October 2010


host an annual fancy, outdoor, dinner to celebrate Autumn.

01 October 2010


be brave enough to rock bright lipstick as well as anna!