29 June 2011


spend an afternoon in santorini enjoying a stunning view like this one.

25 June 2011


start collecting beautiful glassware from all over the world. imperfect, worn, delicate pieces that look as though they would have the greatest of stories to share.

24 June 2011

photo collection.

hang Nichole's fabulous Markets of Paris Photo Collection in my kitchen... and, okay, maybe hang the white collection in my office, too.

23 June 2011

slow dance.

take time to slow dance at home with my Love to wonderful, dreamy songs like this.

22 June 2011


learn to decorate in the most beautiful, simple way--as in, you know, like martha.

17 June 2011

99 red balloons.

have a '99 red balloons' themed birthday party-- because how cool would that be?!
- unknown.

16 June 2011

backyard BBQ.

host a fabulous backyard BBQ complete with overhead strings of streamers and lights.

15 June 2011

slice & dice.

learn how to cut/slice/dice/chop etc. almost every type of fruit & vegetable.

14 June 2011


visit venice in the summertime.

12 June 2011

08 June 2011


see a soft watercolor sky this beautiful.

07 June 2011


design sweet, original, lovie dovie screen prints and hang them up in every single room of my house.

06 June 2011


mix up this perfect summery mojito recipe for a patio dinner with friends.

04 June 2011

seafood broil.

host an annual seafood broil for my friends & family-- newspaper & lemons included! (and hopefully an ocean close by. ; )

02 June 2011


wear sweet hats like this when i visit the beach.