31 May 2011

Kaffee & Kuchen.

make Kaffee & Kuchen a part of every day's routine. And learn to make beautiful, traditional cakes by heart.

27 May 2011


make faces in my kids' lunches--because really: who didn't love mickey mouse pancakes?

25 May 2011

sun room.

have a light and lovely sun room where i'll read, write, and laze the days away.

23 May 2011


spend summer evenings playing catch with my kids in the backyard.

20 May 2011


see a beautiful elephant in person.

19 May 2011


picnic/lay/frolic in a flower field just like this one.

16 May 2011


learn to make my own sugar-free soy vanilla latte.

12 May 2011


pretend I'm a kid again and spend an entire summer day at the fair, riding the old school ferris wheel around and around as many times as I please, soaking up the sun and the sweet smell of cotton candy. 

11 May 2011

hunter boots.

learn how to style outfits with my hunter boots to look chic & ready for adventure.

10 May 2011


spend an entire day with just myself--eating every meal by myself, seeing a movie or a play or visiting a museum by myself, and simply enjoy my own company.

07 May 2011

become a mother.

become a mother: one of the most revered, noble, beautiful vocations in the world.

06 May 2011


have a porch even half as sunny and lovely and cozy as this.

05 May 2011

balloon wishes.

have wishes tied to balloons & let them fly on away my birthday.

04 May 2011


dip cookies into a mug of sprinkles... because, well, why not, right?

02 May 2011

lemon tree.

grow a lemon tree in my backyard.

01 May 2011