29 April 2011


learn to take photographs that capture the softest, pinkest of light.

28 April 2011


have a precious layette collection for my newborn babes.

27 April 2011


have a sunny corner of my backyard where i'll place a lovely chair beside lovely flowers and read lovely words written by all my favorite literary greats.

26 April 2011


afford to splurge on fancy, frilly unmentionables. (rather than always opting for the plain, free pairs I get coupons in the mail for every month...)

25 April 2011


have a pinwheel-themed party... because is there anything happier than a pinwheel? and because really, how could anyone not love pinwheels? (exactly.)

23 April 2011


plant a garden of beautiful berry-colored tulips. 

22 April 2011


put wonderfully zany wallpaper all over my home.

21 April 2011


have a button collection... because, well, shouldn't everyone?

20 April 2011


have time to read the books I pick out for myself--not just what my professors assign.

19 April 2011


let my kids stay home from school on a random rainy day, then spend it building forts and watching movies--and maybe even eating chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, too.

18 April 2011


I'll share a bathroom with my Love-- & from time to time, I may just be brave enough to brush my teeth in front of him.

17 April 2011

16 April 2011

University of Kansas.

share with my babes the dreamy place i called home for four amazing years.

15 April 2011


spend a day at the beach building the most perfect of sandcastles.

14 April 2011


Take a summer day trip with friends to Rügen in Northern Germany.

13 April 2011


teach my kids (and myself) that life, at its best, happens when you're taking a chance.

12 April 2011

wedding announcements.

create simple, heartfelt wedding announcements when I get married.

11 April 2011


catch a butterfly--a monarch--in my hands.

08 April 2011

bubble baths.

routinely put 'take an hour long bubble bath' at the top of my 'to-do' list.

06 April 2011

Springtime in Paris.

visit Paris in the springtime.

05 April 2011


have the happiest, brightest, and whitest of windowsills.

04 April 2011


make my beds up in wonderfully eclectic bedsheets to give each bedroom unique character.

03 April 2011

sunday hopes.

- artzink on etsy.

02 April 2011

wedding dress.

get married in a simple, short, quirky, & beautiful-beyond-words wedding dress.

01 April 2011

rock climb.

rock climb on actual rocks, rather than those colored plastic ones on the indoor walls... and, you know, not break a leg in the process.