30 November 2011

Your hopes...

"Someday I hope he'll pick out a ring with me in mind. :)" - Abbey

25 November 2011


plant roses in every color and fill my home with beautiful (and beautifully scented) blooms.

24 November 2011

thank you.

happy thanksgiving.

21 November 2011

healthy thirst.

i will reach in the fridge for healthy alternatives to my daily dr.pepper (or, while in germany, coca cola) fix.
at the moment, i'm working on keeping it to a glass a day. baby steps, right?

15 November 2011

comfort food.

serve comfort food on sundays.

14 November 2011

11 November 2011


learn to make my own sushi and a host a fabulous chopsticks-only dinner party.

10 November 2011

soft pretzels.

learn to make homemade soft pretzels ala oktoberfest perfection.

09 November 2011

long hair.

keep my hair long & unruly ... even in my sixties.

- Dan Kenyon|New York Times

08 November 2011


see Mumford & Sons live in England, pint in hand.

07 November 2011

hand holdin'.

i'll be able to hold my love's hand whenever i fancy.

06 November 2011

04 November 2011

bicycling errands.

use a bike as the main mode of transportation for errands.

02 November 2011


spend a saturday afternoon in a canoe (preferably after the leaves have changed.) 

- jane.

01 November 2011


Our Saturday... from Naomi Davis on Vimeo.

capture little outings every now & then, & make rad vimeo videos to share with family & friends... & of course to future generations to come!