29 September 2010


keep a notebook full of Love notes between me & my Love.

28 September 2010


host big, bustling pancake breakfasts for friends & family on sunday mornings.

27 September 2010

shelter dog.

adopt a sweet old dog from a shelter.

26 September 2010


paint every wall in my home a cheery, bright color. (even in my closets!)

23 September 2010

flower shop.

own a charming little corner flower shop where i will know all the local customers by name, where i will arrange daisies and peonies and lilies to help them celebrate the most special of days.

22 September 2010

laura marie.

Hi world, Michelle here. Anna and I have invited Laura Marie to join us in blogging here at Someday Hopes.

We think she'll fit in perfectly. In fact, after her initial intro email had me laughing out loud, I know she'll be the perfect addition to the Someday Hopes team.

Laura Marie's first post will be tomorrow, so please welcome her warmly to our sweet little blog of hopes.

19 September 2010


sing this song to my babes to before they lay their heads down to sleep.

13 September 2010


bike to the local bakery in the mornings for yummy breads to fill my cupboards.

07 September 2010

first dance.

play this song at my wedding reception for my Love & my's "first dance".

01 September 2010

kitchen floor.

paint my kitchen floor a happy color.