28 February 2011


wrap birthday presents in vintage maps--with a bunch of flowers instead of a bow.

26 February 2011


Sing karaoke solo. In a fun, busy place. To a big crowd full of people I know.

25 February 2011


take time to enjoy a healthy, scrumptious breakfast.  opposed to my usual diet coke & granola bar on the car ride to class...

23 February 2011

little outfits.

dress my babes in charming little outfits.

22 February 2011


have a wall of paint strokes--and name each color myself... (because really, who can choose just one?)

-via luella.

21 February 2011


raise a st.bernard & name him rupert. (his brother will be hubert.)

20 February 2011

19 February 2011


learn how to do my eye make-up ala twiggy.

18 February 2011


spend sunday afternoons curled up on a hammock, reading from my favorite novels.

-john kemick via house beautiful.

17 February 2011


switch into my green wellies after my wedding.

16 February 2011


keep a towering collection of all my favorite vinyl records--including the classics and the contemporaries. 

15 February 2011


have a wonderfully eclectic collection of glasses to choose from every morning.

14 February 2011


have an oh-so-lovely exotic picnic on the shores of bali.

12 February 2011


perfect this simple yet classic braids-in-a-bun style.

11 February 2011


Embrace being confident.

10 February 2011


attend a chic, glamorous, Gatsby-esque summertime party.

09 February 2011

sleep sound.

i will sleep the soundest i have ever slept, because my Love will finally be right beside me. safe & sound.

08 February 2011

update: desk nook.

After a couple weeks of reorganizing and rearranging, I finally created that desk nook I'd been daydreaming about: one with lots of books, lots of white, and lots of light--check, check, and check.


have a chic and fabulous, oh-so-glamorous cake frosted with golden buttercream for my birthday.

07 February 2011


try a macaron.  (gasps! i know, i know- i can't believe i haven't had one yet, either!)

06 February 2011

05 February 2011

kate spade.

make like a kate spade model and rock bright & white. 

04 February 2011

red lips.

find a red lipstick i can wear all day, every day. (without wiping off after ten seconds!)  (any suggestions?)

03 February 2011


stay on a houseboat--where my bedroom window will look right over the water.

02 February 2011

chic mom.

(try to) be a chic mom.

01 February 2011

retro bikini.

go on a fabulous european holiday and rock a retro bikini.

- via thirlby