31 March 2011

strunk & white.

own this brilliant edition of "The Elements of Style" & keep it prominently displayed on my coffee table.

30 March 2011


curate the most perfect bookshelf.
- styled by jason oliver nixon.

29 March 2011


decorate my home with chic constellation maps (as well as land maps) to remind me of when i was a little girl & dreamed of being an astronomer- & to remember all the wonderful times i had stargazing & pondering the universe with my dad.

28 March 2011


get up on pointe shoes--even if only for a few seconds.

25 March 2011

fake eyelashes.

try wearing fake, luscious, runway-ready eyelashes... just for fun.

24 March 2011


play chess in a park.

23 March 2011

photograph adventures.

take precious, stunning photos of my little ones on our adventures in Europe.

22 March 2011


live in a place where I can sleep all summer with the windows wide open.

21 March 2011


ride my bicycle in pretty dresses, while looking adventurous, poised & glamorous.

20 March 2011

19 March 2011


picnic in Zurich on a warm, sunny day.

18 March 2011


eat everything--even my blueberries--on the finest of china. 

17 March 2011

good morning(s).

wake up in the morning & not be in a rush- rather, drink some tea, soak up the morning sun while taking time to become inspired before starting my day.

16 March 2011

boyfriend jeans.

pull a katie holmes & rock boyfriend jeans like a pro.

15 March 2011


create beautiful, unique collages filled with sweet quotes.

14 March 2011


fill a vase with flowers--minus the stems.

12 March 2011


own a first edition copy of the catcher in the rye.

11 March 2011

Neuschwanstein Castle.

visit the Neuschwanstein castle in Germany.

10 March 2011


ride a chic bicycle wearing chic flats and chic shorts and look, well, chic.

08 March 2011


lose the yoga pants/baseball hat combo and look totally glamorous for a casual road trip.

07 March 2011


create a peaceful, inspiring nursery for my babes.

06 March 2011

sunday hopes.

- print from theloveshop.

05 March 2011

04 March 2011


take a trip to canada and stay in a gorgeous lakeside lodge.

03 March 2011

dream job.

have my dream job (with a perfect workspace like the one above) & love every.single.minute.

02 March 2011


perfect this sort of flawless, fabulous minimalism. 

01 March 2011

shakespeare & company.

go to this bookstore & purchase a classic.