31 October 2011

master the Margot

master the Margot Tenenbaum and have the perfect couples costume.

- Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums

30 October 2011

29 October 2011

typography & Scandinavian design.

incorporate my love of typography & scandanavian design in my home. (& get my paws on one of these rad calendars!)

28 October 2011

one glass.

stop after one glass of wine (no, really. I will.)

27 October 2011

drive-through tree.

take a day trip to the redwood coast and drive through an ancient tree--because, well, why not?

26 October 2011

"s'more night."

host "s'more night" each fall-- no matter how busy we may be or how brisk the cool, autumn air may feel. (wine included.)

25 October 2011

banish plastic.

banish plastic from my home (especially in the silverware drawer)

21 October 2011

vintage camera.

own a beautiful vintage camera (and maybe a gorgeous leather case, too.)

20 October 2011

19 October 2011

when it rains.

ride my bike even when it's raining.

18 October 2011

pastry-filled breakfast.

pick a random, stressful Monday morning, pretend that I'm in France, and serve myself a delicious, pastry-filled breakfast in dishes usually reserved for the nicest dinners.

- leslie.

17 October 2011


take time to enjoy the littlest of moments with friends. even if we only have time every now & then for a twenty minute coffee date.

i need to slow down. take it one step at a time & cherish every single moment.

15 October 2011


design a modern-meets-rustic-meets-traditional kitchen.

13 October 2011

pillow talk

leave a message for the next guest (it's not vandalism if it's nice, right?)

12 October 2011

Your hopes...

"I someday hope to float away in a hot air balloon over Paris with my Love!" - Talin Bee
submit your hopes here.

family videos.

film family videos of my kids (who will most likely be total hams, like me) performing the latest pop songs.

11 October 2011

chic, cyclin' mama.

be one chic, cyclin' mama when driving my rad babes around town everyday.

10 October 2011


learn to accept change as gracefully as fall.

08 October 2011


wear beautiful, comfy, perfect-for-any-kind-of-day caftans while chasing my babes around the house or heading out and about town.

07 October 2011


still serve dinner on mismatched blue-and-white china (even when I can afford a full set)

06 October 2011


carry my color-coding habit into my daily diet--because, well, why not?

05 October 2011

two brilliant, beautiful additions.

first off, we are so, so, elated to welcome Sam to the someday hopes team.  she is an amazing writer, blogger, & dreamer.  we're pretty stoked for her to share her hopes on this little blog. if you read her blog, you'll understand why- if you haven't had the privilege yet, just hop right on over & immerse yourself in her beautiful words. (you're welcome! ;)

secondly, we have added a new little feature to the blog... starring YOU.  see up there, right next to the about page link-- a little link titled "submit your hopes"? well that's exactly what you can do, submit your hopes & they'll possibly-most-likely-definitely be featured on our wednesday posts of your submissions. rad, right?

after all, spreading hopes is what this whole things about-- 


all-natural cleaning.

use more all-natural cleaning methods when scrubbing & tidying-up in my home. (while a spritz or more of lemon makes everything smell mighty fresh & crisp!)

04 October 2011

office hours.

hold office hours in a place that isn't like an office at all. 

01 October 2011

back to business. the business of hopes, that is.

and just like that - we are back! and we've had many lovely things happen over the past few months. many hopes came to life. many dreams came true. and now, we're so very excited to share them with you - we also have heaps of new wishes, hopes and dreams to show you.

not only that, but we've added a new hopeful soul to this little collaboration.

but that's not the end of the excitement around these parts - we've got a few more special surprises up our sleeves.

but most of all, we are pumped to be back. we've missed you. and we cannot wait to hear about all the wondrous things you've been up to!