05 October 2011

two brilliant, beautiful additions.

first off, we are so, so, elated to welcome Sam to the someday hopes team.  she is an amazing writer, blogger, & dreamer.  we're pretty stoked for her to share her hopes on this little blog. if you read her blog, you'll understand why- if you haven't had the privilege yet, just hop right on over & immerse yourself in her beautiful words. (you're welcome! ;)

secondly, we have added a new little feature to the blog... starring YOU.  see up there, right next to the about page link-- a little link titled "submit your hopes"? well that's exactly what you can do, submit your hopes & they'll possibly-most-likely-definitely be featured on our wednesday posts of your submissions. rad, right?

after all, spreading hopes is what this whole things about-- 



Haley K said...

Hi Sam :) i've loved what you've contributed so far and can't wait for more! and i love the new feature of "submit your hopes"...excited to share one of my hopes!

s a m said...

Hi Haley! I'm so happy to be here. I hope you send us one of your someday hopes.

"you may say that I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one"